The Beginnings of a New Adventure

The 2nd week of the 2015 build season is drawing to a close, and so far, we've made countless steps into the right direction.

The start of every season begins with an annual "kick off" event held @ Stony Brook University. We found out that this year's competition is called "Recycle Rush", and the goal of the game was revealed through the video below.

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Every year at the SBPLI Regional Competition held @ Hofstra University, there is a theme song that is played throughout the day. This year, 2 individuals won the contest with their song which can be heard below. Ryan Burns and Alex Kandora's combined efforts earned Team 870 a $1000.00 check toward the team's funding.

After the event, the team gathered at Southold High School to pitch ideas for the build. Many strategy, structure, and design concepts were thrown around, but after hours of bouncing ideas off of each other, we were able to settle on a winning approach [CONFIDENTIAL]. Over the past 2 weeks, our build team has been hard at work formulating the robot in the early stages.

With the introduction of new technologies that are going to be used in the brains of the robot, our programming team is figuring out how to incorporate the new devices into this year's robot. Programmers are hard at work practicing their java and troubleshooting different codes they've developed. Alumni as well as mentors are assisting our new programmers in learning how to code in java, how to assemble the various components, and how to ensure that the lines of text they write will result in a working process.

Just two weeks ago, the idea of having a team website was just an imagination in the minds of the team, but today, it is finally a reality. Our new website was launched this week along with various social media pages. You can discover more information about the team, find original pictures or video, and find out what kinds of social media we're using on the website here

Keep on the lookout for news released throughout the following weeks. Make sure to check us out on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Stay tuned for the next blog post and for more information on Team 870.

-Walker Sutton