Week Five, Stayin' Alive

Week Five!
Buckle Up! We are getting ready for Stronghold.

Build season is over in the next week.

We already lost Monday to more snow, so now we all are out of sync.

Working hard for the robot to be bagged soon! Next week build season will extend over our break we are ready!
Those in the shop are working hard. We are getting all competition ready! Making all the bells and whistles, preparing tee-shirts.

Grinding hard.
Week Five, was short and sweet, yet all about work. Good job Jack! ;)


Pictures From the All Important Media Meetings.


  • John Bertschi
  • Joey Chicanowicz
  • Rob Elliston
  • Alex Kandora
  • Anakin Mignone
  • Walker Sutton

Featuring Build Team Member

  • Peter Fouchet