week one

    Steam engines roaring! We are ready, set and going to FIRST Robotics Steamworks. Week one has been “bagged and tagged” and we are all thrilled to be back. Robbie Elliston, of the media team, told us how that he thinks that “This year's competition is a ‘game changer’ like no other! The increased human player aspects really diversifies play, which has influenced us a lot.”

    The build team has been busy working on the robot's design and trying to determine which kind of strategy we want to use. Shoot high? Shoot low? Gears? It’s currently too close to call but it certainly looks like we’ll be a strong contender this season.
     After our loss of critical drive team leaders Pete Fouchet and David Gammon, college freshman who are studying at the Illinois Institute of Technology and SUNY Cobleskill, a core group of members are putting in a lot of hard work to become a stronger team. We would like to thank Team RICE 870 alumni, Alex Lincoln, David Gammon, Michael Cosmadelis, and finally Julia and Michael Schade for helping us out in this critical  FIRST  week.


This year we aim to produce one video a week during build season.

This weeks Video



Anakin: Why did the robot go back to robot school?

Robbie: Tell me.

Anakin: Because his skills were getting a little rusty!