week two

    Week Two began on a chilly Martin Luther King, Jr. day. A group of students showed up to help build on their day off, while others were forced to stay home due to a number of contagious illnesses. Luckily, I’m fine and perfect as always. Nevertheless, we progressed onwards towards the perfect 2017 robot. The build team has been working on various shooting/collecting prototypes, picking and choosing methods that might win us this year’s competition. We also broke out last year’s robot, The Killer Rabbit, and took it for quite a ride. This allows our drive team to practice working the controls, while they simultaneously sharpen their skills and abilities. Our main priority this past week has been to strategize for this year’s epically complex game. We’ve been updating our game knowledge, utilizing the FIRST website and the brains of our wise mentors, all the while constantly studying the rules. So far, the students have shown no signs of fatigue or extreme dehydration on these long winter nights, but we’ve still got a long way to go before competition .