week three

Build season is flying by and Week Three has come and gone. We have now ventured into the heart of build season, and we are progressing at a fantastic rate. This week, the team has been working hard in the build room, logging hour after hour of intense critical thinking and creative productivity. The team has made strategical prototypes, following paths relating to our intake system, shooting system, and the ever-important climbing mechanism. Parts were retrieved from old robots that had served us in previous years. We chose to disassemble parts of these robots to free up space for the anticipated school renovation, in which the technology room will be relocated and refurbished. Finally, we started playing with coding systems to try and determine the skill sets of our Programming Team. Our Media Team has been hard at work updating the team website, the Art Team spent their hours laying out team apparel, while the Sponsorship and Fundraising Team has been pursuing sponsors and raising money through a few individual fundraisers. It has been a very positive and productive week for Team 870.