This past Saturday, January 5th, the game for this season was announced! Destination Deep Space.  All of Team R.I.C.E 870 gathered into the Southold auditorium to watch the live announcement of this years game.  Sponsors, parents, members, and mentors sat in suspense as we watched the clock count down the minutes. When the clock finally hit 0, the auditorium went silent.  Everyone could not wait to hear about the game for this season. We all sat and watched as we learned the rules and explanations for the game.

         After a fun kickoff morning filled with bagels, coffee, and juice, the members and mentors went straight to the build room to talk about ideas for this season.  Everything from ways to build the robot, to strategies to gain the best advantages, was discussed. Everyone was ready to get down to work for the intense 6 week build season ahead.  We are excited for this year and are hoping to do better then we have ever done in the past.