Beginning of Week 3

We are almost at the halfway mark for this years build season and we are getting a good start to our week 3.  The build and business team have come in on their cold and blustery day off, to continue our progress. The build team is focused and driven to build the robot in the short six weeks we have.  They are here almost everyday working hard from 3 in the afternoon until 10 at night. Right now, they are concentrating on cargo and hatch intake, as well as brainstorming ideas on how to tackle HAB platform.  The business team is in the library working hard on updating our business plan. In addition, the website is being revamped, the spirit team is working on giveaways, the safety team is working on exploring the manual to ensure safety at all of our competitions, and the media team is working to capture these moments through pictures and videos.  We are excited for competition season but we know that the harder we work now, in build season, the better we will perform at competitions.