Week 5

As the build season is coming to an end, the team is making some big pushes to make it to the finish line.  The Build Team is working around the clock on improving the robot to meet all the requirements necessary for this year's competition. On the other end, the Business Team and Art Team have started to create a banner to showcase all of the amazing sponsors that have helped us in this year’s season, while the media team is constantly making improvements to the website along with keeping all of our followers up to date on our social media accounts. Each department in our team has their specific task, these past four weeks we have been working as a united group to get everything, including the robot, in tip top shape and ready for the challenges ahead.  Treasurer , Robbie Elliston, said about this season so far that “things are coming along in a delightful manner. Everyone is feeling fulfilled as projects being worked on are reaching completion.” The team is excited for competition season!