The Beginning of TEAM 870

 Tony Kryl former Southold Jr. /Sr. High School faculty member founded FIRST Team 870 in 2002. The team was a small group that was just learning the ropes of FIRST. After a successful year of competitions, Team 870 earned the Rookie All-Star award for success in their first year. Mr. Kryll created Team 870’s nickname based off a motto he believed all should follow.

This motto was: Respect, Integrity Compassion, and Equity (R.I.C.E); this motto has gotten Team RICE to where it is today.



Summary of Team Growth

 Team 870 has a saying in the small town of Southold, “It’s not about the quantity, but the quality”, and that’s what Team 870 is all about. Team 870 is located in a very small school district with about 65 kids per grade. They work with what they are offered-and with the resources they have; they have shown trends of success. As a small robotics team on the East End of Long Island, they have a large amount of pride in what they do. Team 870 competes with passion and tries to be successful in all that they do. From their Rookie season in 2002 to 2014, Team 870 has brought home many awards including the Rookie All Star in 2002, The Johnson and Johnson Sportsmanship Award, The Quality Award, Xerox Creativity Award (two time winner), General Motors Industrial Design Award, and The Excellence in Engineering Award, just to name a few. In the 2014 season, Team 870 was seeded first at the SBPLI Regional at Hofstra University and their team was ranked first in Safety. This program has been a springboard for their team members as they continue their education with scholarships awarded to them for their participation in this program. Team 870 graduates have gone on to become engineers, mathematicians, successful businessmen and businesswomen, programmers, and aerospace pilots. From a small team in 2002, Team 870 has grown into a large team that is successful, and still growing.